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Exhibitors and Partners

Welcome to the heart of aviation excitement in South Africa!


The Polokwane Airshow is a premier event that brings together aviation enthusiasts, families, and thrill-seekers from near and far to experience the magic of flight.

As we gear up for the Polokwane Airshow 2024, we invite you to join us on this exhilarating journey as a valued exhibitor and partner. 

Why become a sponsor

Why Sponsor the Polokwane Airshow 2024?

Sponsoring the Polokwane Airshow offers your organization an unparalleled opportunity to:

  • Achieve greater visibility for your brand, business or services,

  • connect with your target audience, and

  • demonstrate your commitment to the community,

  • benefit from local media coverage, 

  • reach potential new customers, suppliers or industry partners through networking. 


As a sponsor, you'll be part of an iconic event that celebrates the spirit of aviation and leaves a lasting impression on attendees while taking care of the elderly in your community!

Become a sponsor

Becoming a Sponsor

Becoming a sponsor of the Polokwane Airshow is easy!


Follow these simple steps to join us on this thrilling journey:

  1. Explore Sponsorship Options: Review our sponsorship options and rates to find the perfect fit for your goals and budget.

  2. Download the Vendor Form: complete and submit the relevant forms to our team.

    1. Customized ideas - Contact Us: Reach out to our team to discuss your interests and requirements. We'll work with you to customize a sponsorship option that meets your needs.

  3. Secure Your Sponsorship: Once you've selected your sponsorship option, our team will guide you through the process of securing your sponsorship and ensuring a seamless experience leading up to the airshow.

  4. Maximize Your Impact: Take advantage of your sponsorship benefits to maximize your brand exposure, engage with attendees, and make the most of your investment in the Polokwane Airshow.


Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Brand Exposure: Gain visibility and exposure to thousands of attendees, including aviation enthusiasts, families, and industry professionals.

  • Targeted Marketing: Reach your target audience through customized sponsorship packages tailored to meet your specific marketing objectives.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders, influencers, and potential customers through exclusive networking events and activities.

  • Community Engagement: Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility by supporting a beloved community event that brings joy and excitement to people of all ages.


Tax Benefits:  

  • Tax Deductions: Contributions made to qualifying non-profit organizations, including sponsorship payments for events such as airshows, may be eligible for tax deductions. These deductions can reduce the taxable income of the sponsoring company, resulting in lower tax liabilities. 

  • Section 18A Tax Certificates: Non-profit organizations in South Africa may issue Section 18A tax certificates to qualifying donors for donations made for specific purposes, such as sponsoring events or projects. These certificates allow companies to claim tax deductions on their corporate income tax returns.

  • Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Tax Benefits: Sponsoring a non-profit airshow can be considered part of a company's corporate social investment initiatives. Companies that engage in CSI activities may be eligible for tax incentives or deductions under the South African Income Tax Act, provided that the sponsored activities meet certain criteria outlined by the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

  • Marketing and Advertising Expenses: Expenses incurred for sponsoring a non-profit airshow, including marketing and advertising costs associated with promoting the sponsorship, may be tax-deductible as business expenses. However, it's essential for companies to comply with relevant tax laws and regulations and keep accurate records of these expenses

Join Us

Join Us at the Polokwane Airshow 2024

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to showcase your brand, connect with your audience, and be part of an unforgettable aviation experience.


Become a sponsor of the Polokwane Airshow 2024 and let your brand take flight!




  • Waste / rubble allowed in designated areas only. 

  • No variation to the designated routes vehicles must travel to get to the designated areas. 

  • No speeding, reckless driving or disobeying rules of the road. 

  • No drilling / making any form of hole in the floors of the hangars or anywhere outside the hangars for outdoor exhibitors

  • No attachment of anything to the roof / walls / doors of any of the hangars

  • No storage of construction materials behind or adjacent to the actual stand

  • No cutting / welding / grinding other than in designated areas. 

  • No hangar bathrooms to be used – all contractors to use supplied toilets. 

  • All contractors to wear access badges at all times and to carry photo identity.

  • Exhibitors are responsible for ordering contractors badges

  • No stand material is to be left for base staff following breakdown.

  • No skips available for breakdown

  • Safety Compliance: All vendors and contractors must adhere to strict safety regulations and aviation principles while operating within the airshow premises. Safety must be the utmost priority at all times.

  • Site Access and Restrictions: Vendors and contractors must comply with access restrictions and designated areas outlined by event organizers and airport authorities. Unauthorized access to restricted areas is strictly prohibited.

  • Aircraft Movement: Vendors and contractors must exercise caution and maintain a safe distance from aircraft movement areas. Any activities near active runways or taxiways must be approved and supervised by airshow officials.

  • Security Measures: Vendors and contractors are responsible for implementing appropriate security measures for their exhibits and equipment to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the safety of attendees and participants.

  • Fire Safety: All vendors and contractors must comply with fire safety regulations and have appropriate fire prevention measures in place, including fire extinguishers and emergency evacuation procedures.

  • Environmental Considerations: Vendors and contractors are required to minimize environmental impact and maintain cleanliness within their designated areas. Proper waste disposal and recycling practices must be followed throughout the event.

  • Noise Management: Vendors and contractors must minimize noise disturbances to aircraft operations and neighboring areas. Any loud equipment or activities must be approved in advance and conducted within specified timeframes.

  • Compliance with Aviation Authorities: Vendors and contractors must comply with regulations set forth by aviation authorities, including the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and airport regulations, regarding equipment, signage, and operations.

  • Insurance Requirements: Vendors and contractors are required to carry appropriate insurance coverage for liability, property damage, and workers' compensation, as required by event organizers and airport authorities.

  • Emergency Procedures: Vendors and contractors must familiarize themselves with emergency procedures and protocols established by airshow organizers and airport authorities. In the event of an emergency, they must follow instructions from designated personnel and assist in the safe evacuation of attendees if necessary.

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